The Potential Role of Functional Brain Imaging as Biomarkers in Chronic Pain Clinical Trials

In the context of clinical trials biomarkers are objective measures that indicate the presence or absence of a response to a therapeutic intervention. Although, subjective pain reports remain the ultimate measures of analgesic efficacy in pain clinical trials, objective measures have a role to play in the small scale, early phase proof of concept studies during analgesic drug development.

Neuroimaging is a non-invasive tool that can interrogate the neural responses in the live brain and is ideally suited as a potential biomarker for assessing efficacy of analgesic pharmacodynamics in clinical trials.

This presentation will outline the place for biomarkers in the process of drug development, give a brief introduction to the neuroimaging techniques that are currently used and highlight the ongoing research in developing neuroimaging as a biomarker for detecting analgesic pharmacodynamic efficacy in chronic pain clinical trials.